RNA Conference in Penrith – Preparation

I can’t believe it has been nearly two months since I last posted on my blog! Yes, it really has been that long. This is down to two things. One – I am a member of the very lovely writing group, The Romaniacs, and I blog over on our group blog sometimes and contribute to the group posts. And two – I have been on a major writing low and have not been feeling very inspired.

But this is about to change – I can feel it!

This Friday, I shall be taking a little road trip with Sue Fortin and travelling up to Penrith for the RNA annual conference. This will be my first conference and I am both excited and terrified! However, so many of my friends will be there and a huge amount of people have assured me how lovely it is and how friendly and welcoming everyone is, so excitement is definitely the bigger emotion. 

As I said, I seem to have misplaced my writing mojo again and I am hoping to hunt it down at the conference and wrestle it back into my head. With the amount of workshops, talks, general socialising and encouraging peers, I’ve no doubt I will come home feeling inspired and ready to get this second book done. I have notes upon notes of ideas for Book Two, but just no get up and go to organise it. Saying that, I recently sent my first book, Head over Heart, to a number of friends (Including my first male reader!) and have received some incredible feedback. Now I know they are my friends and they will of course say they enjoy it anyway, but some of their words of encouragement and the sheer pride in their responses was amazing and has really made me feel like I do have at least some talent there. And even though my male reader said it wasn’t his cup of tea and was a bit too girly, he enjoyed the story and said it was good, so that has made me smile. I now know what I want to tweak with it and how I want to develop it so it is just making the descision as to whether I start working on it again, or knuckle down with another book and go back to it later. I’m not sure yet. 

And so, in preparation for this weekend, I have started to pool together bits of my work to take and work on. I’ve made a list of what I need to pack and I’ve made a list of the things I need to purchase. I will be sharing a block with 6 other Romaniac buddies, which I am sure will prove to be a lot of fun, and I already plan to be having early birthday drinks with them and whoever else wants to join in the celebrations. We will also be toasting our lovely Sue, whose debut novel, United State of Love, is out tomorrow! Image

Lots to celebrate – it’s going to be a great weekend! Hope to see lots of you there 



7 thoughts on “RNA Conference in Penrith – Preparation

  1. Hi Lucie! I’m going to the conference too and really looking forward to it. There is nothing better to send you home in a writing inspired mood than spending the weekend with other writers. I met Sue Fortin recently at the Summer Audience in Tetbury and can’t wait to read her new book. Please do say hello to me and tell me all about your book, won’t you?!


  2. Looking forward to our road trip and like you say, once you are mingling again with everyone at Conference your mojo will be beating a path to your door in no time. Thank you also for the link for my book, ‘Lovely Lucie’, much appreciated. x


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