Author Interview – Giselle Green


18-yr old Rose’s life is devastated – as sole carer for her disabled father, her own dreams of pursuing a career or finding love are fast fading. In desperation, Rose borrows from pagan knowledge and casts a spell.

22-yr old Lawrence has been working as a paramedic in war-torn Sri Lanka. Compelled to return home, he’s suddenly a man on the run. Lawrence ends up sheltering near Rose’s family farm in Kent.

When a fierce snowstorm traps Rose in the same isolated ruin for 48 hours, the two meet and fall in love – the beguilingly gentle and handsome Lawrence is everything Rose has dreamed of but why does he keep warning her away? It turns out that like Romeo and Juliet, their families are bitter enemies. Lawrence also has a darker past and personally much more at stake than Rose knows.

As the thaw sets in, Rose is torn between a deep family loyalty to her father and her love for Lawrence. When Lawrence makes one last-ditched attempt to put things right for the woman he loves, he faces both a past – and a family – that threaten to destroy him. As the opportunity to pursue her own dreams suddenly open up for Rose, she discovers just how far she is prepared to go to keep him.


Today I have the very lovely Giselle Green on my blog to talk about her latest release, Falling For You, which is out now on Kindle and in paperback.

Hello Giselle, nice to see you here. How have you been?

Thanks for asking me on here, Lucie! I’ve been doing great thanks. Very busy, as I’ve spent the last couple of months sorting out a paperback edition of this novel, following on from the kindle release in December. A steep learning curve, but well worth the result, I hope you’ll agree.

I have read Falling For You and absolutely loved it! (Read my review, here) I found it heart-warming, exciting, un-predictable and completely fulfilling. How did you come up with the idea for this book?

Thank You, Lucie. The idea for this story took quite a while to develop fully in my mind. While it was always going to be primarily a love story, I knew it was going to revolve around the theme of ‘Justice’ and in order for that to work there needed to be some injustice that was done to start with. I needed to ask; who would be the wronged party and who would be the perpetrator? How would justice be served and how might there be any redemption in the end? I had to get to know my characters. Lawrence came first, strangely enough, because he is male and I usually find the female characters easier to write. Lawrence had a very strong voice, right from the beginning. He was very easy for me to get hold of. Once I knew his background, I was able to start working on the main story for the novel, a story about a young couple who innocently fall in love while the reader is aware from the start that their love can only end in tears…

You have previously released Little Miracles, Pandora’s Box and A Sister’s Gift, which of these have been the easiest, and the hardest to write, and why?

Pandora’s Box was the easiest – though hard in some ways because it is very sad in some places. I wrote it very quickly – in nine months – the words just flew out of my pen. Little Miracles was definitely the hardest book to write. The subject matter was harrowing, and I really felt I went through Julia’s pain, what she went through when her child went missing. I could only write for a few hours at a time because it made me feel quite drained. A Sister’s Gift was different again.  While I had to work harder at getting under my character’s skins – neither of the sisters are like me personally, and I would never have made the choices either of them made – still, it meant that I felt at one remove from it. It was easier to write on an emotional level, but technically, it was more challenging.          

Do you plan your novels out when starting a new one or do you write and go with the flow? Are you more driven by your characters or the plot initially?

The characters are everything. Once you know your ingredients that pretty much defines what sort of pie you’re going to make! I spend weeks and months just thinking about who my characters are, where they’ve come from, what drives them at the deepest level, and – most importantly – what do they need to do to overcome whatever’s keeping them stuck in their lives right at this moment?  Then I imagine the circumstances I might put them in, in order to give them the opportunity to make the choices they need to make. I also start off with a theme in my head, to date; Hope, Faith, Charity and Justice (see a pattern emerging here?)

I always know how it’s going to end, the destination point they’re heading towards. How they get there might change as the novel evolves. It’s a bit of plotting and a bit of letting it develop organically. I don’t always write sequentially, either. Sometimes it’s nice to write key scenes that I know are further up ahead because I’m looking forward to those bits. Sometimes scenes present themselves that appear to have nothing to do with the rest of the jigsaw but I write them anyway – and find out where they slot in, later. Every book is different.  

You have a young family to look after as well as your writing. I have a child too and so I realise how hard it can be to squeeze everything in. What’s your secret? How do you fit it all in?

Ah – the perennial ‘time’ question! I think all women I know have this issue going on in their lives, whether they are writers or not. We’re used to filling up our lives to the very brim. When I first got my contract, my twins were 10 and my eldest was 19, so a little bit older than yours, Lucie. At that age, they still need you though, even if in different ways, and juggling writing books with family life is hard, I will not lie! I found writing a book a year incredibly demanding. As pre-published authors we dream of getting a contract, but the minute you do, the pressure is on. That isn’t to say it’s not worth it. It’s definitely worth it, but something’s got to give, and that ‘something’ is usually the limited ‘down time’ you would have had yourself, as Mum! It’s easy to become over-stretched

This was your first book that you self published on Kindle, is that right? How did you find the whole process?

Correct, FALLING FOR YOU is my first novel self-published on kindle. Following on from the above answer, one thing I really appreciate now that I’m self-publishing, is that the huge time-pressures are off and I can concentrate on enjoying producing my novels again.  I’ve found the process – now that it’s over – incredibly liberating. Every time we tackle something new, there’s always the worry that we won’t get it ‘right’ isn’t there? I’ve found my friends in the RNA have been incredibly helpful and supportive in this respect – so many authors have been down this road ahead of me now I hardly feel as if I’m trail-blazing.  The technical side of it, I am afraid, I left to my ‘techie’ sons. I let them format it and upload it. We’ve all learned things along the way. I have sworn the next book will be proofread by TEN people before I put it up on Amazon! It’s amazing how many errors can slip by when you think you’ve got them all nailed. The beauty of it though, is it’s very easy to go in and correct any errors when you do spot them. That wouldn’t be the case with a print book of course. I’ve since brought this book out as a paperback version too – now that was a little more complicated, as we didn’t have anyone holding our hands during the process. 

What are you working on at the moment? Are there plans in place already for the next book?

I’m at the delicate ‘first thoughts’ stage with the next book, asking myself who the characters are and what do they want and why can’t they have it? I’m not one of those writers who has constantly got new ideas bubbling away on the back burner. It takes me quite a while to let that information come in. I enjoy having a fallow time when I’m not writing too. Writing can be hard work! I aim to start writing again by the summer, though.     

You have also released a non- fiction book called A Writers’ Guide to the Zodiac, what made you think of writing a book like this? Are you planning to do anymore non-fiction in the future?

The Writer’s Guide to the Zodiac was the first thing I published, back in 2005. As a qualified astrologer, I’d been noting the parallels between astrology and writing for a long time. They are essentially about the same thing. One: what people are like (their characters) and Two: what happens to them (as a result of their personalities) – ie their destiny.  I wrote it in response to the fact that I kept waking up in the morning with the thought in my head that I needed to write it – an inner prompting, you might say. It was one I ignored for a good while because I didn’t want to be diverted from my fiction project at the time. Eventually I caved in and took the time to write it. It turned out to be an important career move. The late and much-loved RNA member Penny Halsall (Annie Groves) loved it. It lead to her reading my next novel – Pandora’s Box – and subsequently recommending it to an editor she knew at Harper Collins. That’s how I came to be offered my contract.

Lesson: Pay heed to your inner promptings! I don’t have any current plans to write another non-fiction book but who knows …    

Thank you so much for speaking to me today, I wish you lots of luck with Falling For You – It’s a great book!

Thank you, I’m so pleased you enjoyed and appreciated it. I think it will appeal most to those who are able to slow down and get in touch with their feelings … not always easy to do in this busy world of ours.


Falling For You is out now as both paperback, and on Kindle. Click on the titles below for more information and purchase details.


You can also follow Giselle on Facebook, Twitter and on her website.


Giselle has very kindly offered to give away not one, but TWO copies of her non-fiction title, A Writer’s Guide to the Zodiac: How the Stars Can Help You Understand Your Characters.

All you need to do to be in with a chance to win is tell us what starsign’s you think the Hero and Heroine in Falling For You, Lawrence and Rose, are?

Two winners will be picked at the weekend. Good Luck!


22 thoughts on “Author Interview – Giselle Green

  1. I have Giselle’s zodiac book, it’s excellent. I loved Pandora’s Box and I know Falling For You has been eagerly awaited. Glad it’s out in print too, all credit to Giselle for achieving all that and with six children to look after – no one can ever say they don’t have enough time to write!


  2. Hi Giselle & Lucie. Fascinating article and thanks for giving us the insight behind ‘Falling For You’ which I love. The journey of moving from being published by Harper Collins to self published is really interesting to hear about. A very brave decision, and great to see how you’ve followed your instinct and creative process with such success.


  3. I’m reading the print version of the book now and can’t wait to see what happens.

    Thanks for sharing your experience of self-publishing – very interesting!


  4. Hi Girls, thanks for commenting, and thank you to Lucie for hosting! Time is a funny old thing, isn’t it? But I think we all know we’ll always find ‘time’ to write, because that’s what writers do. I’ve always considered the writing ‘me time’ Lucie, so the busier I got, the more essential that part of my life became. That’s how I looked at it, anyway.


  5. Lovely interview ladies. Thank you!

    I would like to think Lawrence’s star sign is Pisces because there are many different sides to them and Rose’s is Aries (like me) a bit impulsive and rash at times.



  6. Great interview! I always love reading about the backgrounds to novels & characters etc. Lovely to find out more about Giselle too.

    Re which Zodiac signs Lawrence & Rose are. Hmmm, that’s a toughie. I’ll go Gemini for Leo (two sides to him/his past?) and Libran for Rosie because I know they are supposed to be compatible. Or at least I think that’s right…

    Really good post, ladies 🙂

    Jan x


  7. Ha! Did I say Gemini for Leo (I was trying to cheekily get two starsigns for the price of one there 😉 I, of course, mean Lawrence. Only me! x


  8. Great interview!

    I think they sound like me and my OH so I’m going to say Rose is an Aries and Lawrence is a Gemini.

    Catherine x


  9. What a lovely interview, Lucie and a splendid way to start my day! Thank you both.

    Giselle, I don’t know how either of you manage your writing, jobs, children – I’m fortunate enough to be at home every day and I don’t manage it all!
    I’m sure I was far better organised when I had a demanding career and had to juggle it all.

    As for star signs – I am fascinated and I’ll let you in on a secret. I ALWAYS have my characters star signs in mind and consider their characteristics and appearance based on them! So I shall definitely have to read your non-fiction work.

    Hmm, as to Rose and Lawrence. I’m actually on the lookout for a Pisces man (I’m Scorpio.) and know when I find him, he could be the one. So I’m going to agree with Sue that there’s a Pisces in there somewhere (I deliberated whether it was him or her) her but with her selflessness/caring, I’m going to go with Cancerian for her. And I’ll make him the Pisces too (He’s too gentle to be a Scorpio!)



  10. Loving your thoughts, ladies – all very interesting! I might just have to give away more than one zodiac book at this rate…


  11. Good morning ladies! Time to reveal the zodiac scores. There was a little clue inthe book in that Rose’s birthday is in the spring – so we were looking at March/April time and that would have made her an Aries or a Pisces – Sue and Catherine went for Aries… so good guess, but in my mind she is more of a PIsces because of the intuitive/magical/psychic side to her. I did build her with a lot of caring Cancerian qualities too, which Debbie picked up on (and Debbie also said maybe a Pisces, so Debbie got the closest there). As for Lawrence – he’s impetuous, sometimes rash, hot-tempered but also brave, loyal and caring. I had him down for more of an Aries just because of the impetuosity and knight in shining armour tendencies. Sue – you got them both but the wrong way round… nearly there! Interesting that 2 of you had him down as a Pisces… perhaps it was the running away and not wanting to face it, and also the gentle side of him that you were looking at there?
    If I had to pick one winner it would be Debbie. Runner up would be Sue for getting the right signs. Well done both of you. But I think you all did great and you’d probably all enjoy a copy of the zodiac book. As there are only five of you I’ll happily send you all a copy if you want to privately email Lucie with your address for her to pass on to me.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone. Thanks once again to the lovely Lucie for hosting this and to all of you for taking part…


    • That’s really good of you, Giselle – I’d love a copy too; think Lucie already had my email. Look forward to it, even though I’m rubbish at star signs!

      Celia x


  12. Hi Giselle, that is so kind of you, thank you. I absolutely love anything astrology related and would love a copy of your book (even though I WAS miles out with my answers – lol) I shall e-mail Lucie my address. Well done to Debbie & Sue, by the way. And thanks again to you and Lucie for a great blog post.
    Jan x


  13. Oooh, thank you Giselle! I’ve never won anything before! Such fascinating stuff – can’t wait to read it. And with any luck it will inspire me with the characters of my next novel 🙂



  14. Thank you Giselle for the copy of ‘A Writer’s Guide to the Zodiac’ – it looks really interesting and like Debbie, I’ve never won anything before so I’m chuffed. Thank you.

    Thank you Lucie too for a great interview and post.

    Sue x


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