Research – how do you do yours?

So today has been a day of research for me. 

I had a moment this morning where I realised that the direction in which my current WiP was going, was all wrong. I was focusing too much on something which should have been lightly touched upon just to clarify some history. So, I decided to take the plunge before I got too far into the first draft and change direction. I’ve spent all day researching jobs, watching clips and starting a family tree for both the Hero and the Heroine. 

My heroine owns a bakery and is the Queen of all cake makers. I trawled the internet to try and find a bakery that I liked – I work well from visual stimulation – but I just couldn’t find the right one. So I spent the last hour, drawing my own! I’m not a talented drawer, but I know what it looks like so that’s the main thing. 

Here is a picture of my ‘research’ wall – can you guess what my Hero does for a living 🙂

How do you like to do research? 



8 thoughts on “Research – how do you do yours?

  1. I do this too Lucie! I did a water colour painting of my village just so I know how all my characters get from A to B! Don’t think I can post photos on here so might email you one later :o) xx


  2. Researching bakeries…I like your thinking! How do I research? I’m not sure. I’m an osmotic reader and tend to suck bits of information out of everything I read, so I think that must be how I research, although I’m not usually aware that I’m doing it. Google is my friend…


  3. I do a plan, too, Lucie, so that I can place all houses, roads, significant points in relationship with each other. In the novels I read, I like to ‘see’ where the action is taking place, and I assume that my readers will feel the same way.

    What I never do is get a photo of a film star/celebrity and model a character on them. I would find it hard to free my from character from the things I knew about the person in the photo – and I prefer my characters to come with a clean sheet.

    Liz X


    • Ah, see that’s where we differ. I do like to have a visual when it comes to characters. I don’t always get them, but occasionally I see a picture of someone and think, ‘yes! That’s them!’

      A lot of the time I’ll work from celebrities that I am not familiar with (and therefore have no pre-conceptions of them) or a model from a magazine or billboard.

      There have been occasions where no one will do, though.


  4. Hi Lucie, I want to know who the bloke is with his top off?!
    I do scrapbooking-must do one for Book 2 as can’t decide what the main characters look like. It’s difficult as I need to make them different from the characters in Book 1. I’ve also drawn maps of flats and houses etc to work out where the rooms are so I can work out how the characters move between them.


    • Hi Anita. Hehe, that lovely body belongs to Kellan Lutz (he plays Emmett Cullen in the Twilight films) and he is very dishy. There were certain pictures of him that weren’t right, didn’t have the look of ‘Adam’, my hero. But these shots were good. Not perfect, but good.

      I know what you mean about having the characters walking between rooms, sometimes it is hard to just imagine it. Drawing works. Today was the first time I’d ever fully drawn out a whole floor plan. I enjoyed it. 🙂



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