100K in 100days – Update

Good morning,

I thought I would post and tell you all about a writing challenge that I started on January 1st 2012.

100k in 100 days is a challenge to help get you motivated. Well, that’s what I am using it for. It started on January 1st and finishes 100 days later on April 9th. The aim is to average at 1000 words per day and write 100,000 words by the end. I know a lot of people, myself included, have bursts of in excess of that to make up for the days where no writing is done. As most of you know, but for those who don’t, I recently sent off my first full length novel to a publisher for consideration. They have a certain time scale that they work on so, whilst I am waiting to hear my fate, I started book two. That is why I signed up for 100k100days; to help keep me motivated, get me writing everyday (or most days) and get the first draft of book two down. Another reason for me doing this is to keep my mind occupied elsewhere whilst I am waiting otherwise I shall go insane!

So here we are, on day 11 and I am 7482 words in – not yet counting the 763 words I have done so far this morning. I am slightly behind, but still doing well. I had 4 days off over the weekend because of spending a day emptying my house and filling a skip, the weekend was spent enjoying a very good friends birthday and Monday was my day of errands followed by dinner with more lovely friends. So I am playing catch up this week. But having written 2465 words yesterday I feel I can catch up by the end of the week and be back on track for 1k per day.

There are many other writers taking part in this challenge so I would like to offer them all a huge well done for getting this far and good luck for the remainder. We can do this!

I also wanted to tell you all about the new Facebook page I have set up. It is a page dedicated to following my progress as a writer and my journey from the first draft’s to, hopefully, publication. There is a link down the left hand side of my blog to take you to it. If you want to connect with me on Facebook, please ‘like’ this page. I am extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement you all give me with my writing and I would like to thank you all for your continued support. It really means a lot to me and I am so very grateful.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.


8 thoughts on “100K in 100days – Update

  1. Well done, Lucie – that's a good challenge. I've always found it difficult to set myself a word target, as I tend to write lots on some days and nothing on others (e.g. the days I have any of the grandbabies here!) – but I guess it all averages out about the same. Good luck with the publisher. The waiting is awful and it's definitely best to keep working on the next project! x


  2. I like the idea of that challenge. It sounds like a great way to keep you focused, and writing. Very smart too, to keep on writing while you wait to hear from publishers – the very best of luck for that. x


  3. Sheila (Olivia) – Thanks. It is a great challenge, I hope I can complete it. 100k is very daunting. xJean – Thank you. Good luck with yours in April! xMama J – Thank you :-)Diane – It has certainly worked on keeping me focused and I am finding that I am able to consume myself in the story better as it unfolds. Thanks for the luck wishes x


  4. Well done, you, Lucie. I have *failed* utterly at this. Well done on the words you’ve been tapping out – while I’ve been busy but ruminating in my head. There was something wrong with my first draft and I’ve had to realise that it needs a total rewrite in a different pov and bringing out characters I had thought were almost window-dressing! Keep going, you can get do it – and I can make strides towards that 100k!


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