Happy New Year – What 2012 holds for me.

What happened to the past month? I mean, one minute I was preparing for LO’s birthday, and the next, It’s NYE!

This year has seriously flown by. I remember in January starting to diet for my wedding, and now i’m married and getting ready to enter another year. My wedding was definitely the HIGHLIGHT of my year. There were some rubbish times too, but we wont dwell on those. Onwards and upwards, I say.

Writing-wise, I had a fantastic year. This was the year I really came out of my shell and ‘felt’ like I belonged within the writing community. I made the effort to go to events (Get Writing, RNA Summer Party, Kate Johnson’s book launch party for The UnTied Kingdom and The Festival of Romance) and mingle with some amazingly supportive and wonderfully talented people. The writing industry is one of the most encouraging and welcoming professions I think I have EVER come across. You would think that there would be jealousy and competitiveness but everyone wants everybody else to do well. They really do! There is space out there to be filled and everyone is willing to bend over backwards to help others get there. It really is brilliant! And because of those people, I truly ‘felt’ like a writer. I don’t have anything published (yet), I don’t teach writing and I don’t get paid for my work. But I love to write and I write. I have a passion for it. I want to succeed. And even if just one person reads what I write, and enjoys it, I will be happy. That is what makes me a writer.

So, what did 2011 hold for me and my writing? Well, I finished my first book and sent it off to a publishers for consideration. I started my second book, twice! I read some great books and met some great people. I found my true passion and I worked hard at it. The first half of the year was hit and miss with writing as I had to do it around LO, but she then started full time school in September so the second half was definitely more productive and I worked out a routine. Writing properly became my day-job.

And in 2012?

2012 will be the year. By that, I don’t mean I believe I will get a publishing contract or anything like that – although that would be amazing! – no, I mean this is the year that I realise my potential. I do believe that I have it, I just need to show others that it is there. I am still a novice writer; I have only been doing it seriously for about three years. Before then it was very much as and when the idea’s came. Whereas now, I MAKE the idea’s happen. You have to. It’s the same with opportunities. They don’t just fall in your lap and say,

‘I’m a great opportunity, pick me up!’

You have to MAKE these things happen. And that is what 2012 holds for me. I am going to work hard, I am going to go to as many events as I can manage and I am going to MAKE this happen for me. Noone is going to do it for me. If I want it, I have to go out there and drag it kicking and screaming to me.

So watch this space…I’m on a mission!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2012 holds many wonderful and fantastic things for you all.



12 thoughts on “Happy New Year – What 2012 holds for me.

  1. It sounds as if 2011 was a brilliant year for you, Lucie, and as if 2012 is going to be even better!Good luck with your resolution – I've faith in you that you can make it happen!Liz X


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