Writing a first draft is like Marmite..

.. you either love it or you hate it. I hate both!

I am currently on my lunch break, having just written the first 2000 words of my next book, and I felt the need to blog.

Not because I wanted to say how excited I am that my first novel, currently titled Head over Heart, is with a publisher at the moment (even though I am very excited), and not because I am relieved to have started something fresh and new with the new novel (even though I am!) but because starting the new novel has reminded me how much I hate writing first drafts!

When I wrote the first draft of HOH, I did it alongside doing my writing course with the London School of Journalism (LSJ.) So I had my tutor to help me along the way and give me tips and advice about where I was going wrong. By the time I finished the course in the August, I had pretty much got the whole first draft down and had, effectively, already re-written a few of the opening chapters along the way. Having Margaret, my tutor, there to guide me along was incredibly helpful and I learnt so much. But now I am setting off to do this one alone, I am realising just how hard it is.

I know, roughly, what I want to say. I know who my heroine is and who my hero is (although I am yet to name them.) I know the dilemma’s they each have to face, I know (kind of) how they are resolved and I know how I want it to end. So writing it *should* be easy, right? WRONG!

Maybe it is because it has been 20 months since I was last at this stage of writing a book, maybe it is because I don’t have the idea as firmly cemented in my brain as I thought, or maybe it is because I spend too much time on Twitter, Facebook and people’s blogs. Hmmm…… could be all three!

So I am asking for all of you to help me. What tips/advice do you have for writing a first draft? I am trying to write and keep writing without looking back, because I’ve been told that is the best way to get the first draft down. However, at the same time, when I wrote HOH I did edit a little as I went – and it worked out.

What are your experiences of writing first drafts?

PS. Good luck to all who are taking part in NaNoWriMo this month. I do not have the guts to try and pull off 50k words in a month, but I admire all those who are attempting it. Maybe I will do it next year…


7 thoughts on “Writing a first draft is like Marmite..

  1. You'll find what works for you – which I know isn't much help! I find mapping out the main turning points works the best for me, so I know what the major changes are and when they'll occur. I need points to drive toward so my writing doesn't sag. But as I said, it's different for everyone and sometimes you discover just by doing it.This is surely the most annoying advice ever! You won't be asking me again, will you?! 🙂


  2. Talli's right, Lucie – it's different for everyone, but for me, I just have to write through the 'crap'. In other words, keep going even when you think what you're writing is the biggest heap of **** (well, maybe you never get those feelings but I certainly do!). Just Get To The End – then breathe a sigh of relief, go back and start the next stage (editing/re-writing), which never seems so daunting once you've got there. (And yes, I think FB, blogging, etc does stop us getting on with it. But if it wasn't that it'd be something else!) x


  3. Thanks for your thought's, Ladies. You are right, Talli, your comment is annoying LOL! But very true. I completely see what you mean about it being personal to the writer. A very interesting insight to seeing how both you, and Olivia (Sheila) write. xx


  4. Hi LucieI recently received the Liebster Blog Award and when prompted to share it with five other bloggers I thought of you. I love reading about your writing journey, you write with such honesty about a process which is both frustrating and rewarding! I love the friendly and informal tone of your posts.to accept your award and find out what to do next visit http://www.inpotentia.co.uk/2011/11/liebster-blog-award.htmlcongratulations!Emmax


  5. LindyLouMac – Thank you. I hope you get to read the novel, too! Fingers crossed. I am very flattered to be one of your favourite bloggers, thank you! I have been a little slack recently but I am hoping to catch up soon. xPat – Thank you. I am going to try and plot some of it out and see where I can take it from there. Emma – Thank you so much! I'm sorry to be so late in receiving this, I will accept it very soon. So kind of you. Hope you are well xx


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