Starstruck Blog Tour – penultimate post

Well, we’re now rushing to the climax of the whole Starstruck Blog Tour… I say ‘we’, what I really mean is ‘I’, for I know you are lying louchely on your chaise longues summoning the butler to press the mouse button  and sipping sexy little cocktails.  Anyway.  To whomever it is rushing, it’s coming fast.  AND I seem to have addressed you all on just about every aspect OF the novel, which leaves me wondering what I can possibly tell you here.
But since Lucie has taken the time and trouble (and the trouble is not inconsiderable, let me tell you, since my entourage has fully occupied the downstairs toilet and I demand lilies in every room) to allow me to take over her blog on this occasion, and since I find it very hard not to talk about Starstruck at every opportunity, here is another little titbit of information about OUR lovely characters.
The hero smokes.  In fact, during times of stress, he chain-smokes.  Which is odd, because I’m not a smoker myself and never have been, although I have been known to smoulder under the right conditions.  But Jack smokes because it’s the way he deals with tension, and it’s the lesser of a lot of evils…  And, since he also walks around barefoot and wearing his pyjamas for much of the book – he’s an interesting character.  Gorgeous too, just in case any of you thought I’d let my Tony Robinson obsession have full rein (one day Tony, one day…) Jack wears glasses, but that’s where any similarity with our Tone ends.  Honestly.
And then there’s our heroine, Skye.  She’s got scars on her face, a tendency to panic attacks, bonkers hair and memory loss – and a best friend whose morality is not so much ambivalent as, well, not really there at all.  Skye also has a crush on an actor, but he is nothing like Tony Robinson either.
Oops, better go, the entourage has managed to block up the toilet and they’ve found the fruit cake.  I think I can squeeze out of this window and be away down the road before Lucie finds out…
Oh, and one more snippet about Jack.  He’s got a scar too, but to find out where you’ll have to read the book…
Jane Lovering writes novels, it’s the only reason anyone can find for her outrageous behaviour and relentless self-aggrandisement.  She lives in Yorkshire, which is no excuse, with her children, cats, dogs, hens and is working on a novel about an astrophysicist.  Having typed ‘astrophysicist’ about twenty times, she now wishes she had written a novel about a farmer.  Starstruck is her second novel published by Choc Lit. 
Competition Recap:
Jane has been guest blogging over at a number of different blogs, from 18th July running to 29th August. All you have to do to take part is follow the blog tour (dates and blogs listed below) and find the answer to a question, which will be revealed at the end. So to be clear, in each blog post there are CAPITALISED WORDS for you to collect and then at the end, you can use these words to find the answer to the question. Sounds easy, right?

Here are the blogs Jane has been to so far:







Jane’s last tour date will see her returning to the ChocLit author corner on 29th August. You can go back to all of these blogs to collect the words at any time, ready for the last post next Monday.
So there you go. Just read the posts, collect the words and answer the question and you could be one of the three lucky winners to win a copy of StarStruck and some wonderful Montezuma chocolates. 

Good Luck!


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