I’m still alive….

….yes, you heard right, I’m still here!

I haven’t done a blog post for absolutely ages and the honest reason for that is, I have no time! It is 7.5 weeks until my wedding and I am finding absolutely no time at all to do everything. I have just joined my local gym too, in a bid to shed the stubborn pounds that insist on congregating around my arms, tummy and bum! I will banish them before the big day – I WILL!

So with me now going to the gym 5 days a week, that has put me all out of sync with the writing, reading, networking etc etc.

I received my MS back from my NWS reader the other week and I am extremely pleased with the report I got, and even better was that my reader said that they enjoyed my story and that it was presented professionally with only a couple of things to tweak. Yay for me! But I’ve made the decision to wait until after the wedding before I settle down to properly work on it. I plan to send it off to my choice of publisher after this edit, so I want to make sure it is the very best I can get it and right now, I cannot concentrate or put enough time into it to ensure that that is what I do. The fact that a few people have told me that if you submit to a publisher and they refuse it, you shouldn’t resubmit a second time unless they have specifically asked you to. I don’t want to ruin my chances, just because I wanted to rush to get it finished before my wedding. So I will make some notes and read through it, but the proper edit will come after everything has calmed again.

But I will get back into the swing of things come September. I am not planning to stop going to the gym, but things wont be so hectic so I will be able to spread my time a little more effectively. So apologies for not really being in touch with everyone at the moment, bear with me, I’ll be back in 8 weeks!

Thanks for all your contimued support and I hope you are all well.


8 thoughts on “I’m still alive….

  1. Thought I had left a comment a few days ago but my Internet connection was a misbehaving. Good to have you back on your blog, Lucie – you certainly have a more important event to think about! Great to have such a positive report from the NWS.


  2. Congratulations on the positive feedback from the Reader. Grammar can always be cleaned up, but the important thing is it sounds like your story really works.Good luck with navigating this busy time in your life.


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