RNA Summer Party

The time had finally come for me to attend my first RNA party, and what a great time I had. 

My day began when I picked up Liz Crump (@crumpleton) at the station to come and get ready at mine. We had been told about a ‘Tweet Up’ at Waterstones, Piccadilly beforehand and so once my OH had returned from work to look after LO, we left and made our way there. 
Arriving at the brightly lit and very warm Waterstones was a welcome treat after scuttling along Piccadilly in the miserable rain with only a thin neck scarf between us to protect our hair. It was so lovely to finally meet some of the ladies I had spent the past 6/8 months chatting to on Twitter. 
So, Liz and I arrived with just 20 minutes until we had to leave so naturally we quickly ordered a couple of Cosmopolitans. Which Liz accidentally spilt down Janet’s dress:
Not quite sure why Blogger wont let me rotate this picture – sorry Jan!  Oh, and she wasn’t really this annoyed, honest!
As you can see – no hard feelings between Janet and Liz! 🙂

 My favourite quote of the evening then came from the lovely Jane Holland (@)when she asked a passing waiter, ‘do you think it’s possible my waiter has died because I still don’t have my drink.’ 
After sipping our drinks, well gulping by the time our drinks arrived, we then left to make our way to the party. We congregated at the Ritz to wait for a taxi, but after waiting probably around 20 minutes, we decided it would be far quicker to walk and jump on a train (as Jane had pointed out in the first instance but none of us chose to listen :-S) 
We all got a little separated after the train journey and I was walking with Liz and Janet Brigden (@Briggy44) We found the The Library of the IMechE and located a cloakroom and a toilet to freshen up. Walking around trying to find the actual party, we spotted a waiter walking with a try of champagne and were naturally drawn to follow him – luckily he led us to the party; even though we actually ended up entering through the back door where the waiter(ess)’s were sorting drink and canapés. OOOPS!
But we were finally there! There were so many people who I met, that I couldn’t possibly mention everyone. I couldn’t believe how friendly and welcoming everyone was, I didn’t feel like a new member who only knew a handful of people. I believe the Daily Mail were there and he took a photo of myself with a few other ladies so I’ll be looking out to see if it makes the cut. No doubt I’ll see it a mile off with my uber shiny face and towering heels.
I tried my best to get around and see as many people as I could but it was impossible to say hello to everyone I wanted to. I was very pleased to have caught up with Lyn from ChocLit , Sue Moorcroft (@suemoorcroft), Pia Fenton (@PiaCCourtenay) and newest ChocLiteer Evonne Wareham. Always a pleasure speaking with the ladies from ChocLit. 
By 9pm, my feet were killing me and these are the reason why:
I had only purchased them in the morning and I didn’t realise how painful and how high these shoes were. I literally couldn’t walk in them by the end of the night. So anyone who saw me stumbling, It was not because of the alcohol, but the Killer Shoes! They came off as soon as I left the building!
I was also starting to feel my head cold coming on strong again as the evening drew to a close so I felt it was time to leave. 
I had a fantastic time and I learnt two valuable lessons for the next social event I go to: wear comfortable shoes and put my hair up!


12 thoughts on “RNA Summer Party

  1. LindyLouMac – Thank you. They look harmless, but they HURT! :-)Rachel – I admit to using that line in the past to cover my drunkenness, but this was not one of those times – unfortunately! Lovely to have met you 🙂


  2. We all say that and end up doing the same thing and wearing killer heels next time. Nice to meet you!The frosty reception to my query about the dead waiter was interesting. The service at Waterstone's Piccadilly bar is execrably slow, and was last time I went there, yet clearly no one ever dares complain. A new experience for them, then. 😉


  3. I'm glad you had such a fantastic time and thanks so much for telling us all about it.I love Jane's comment and those shoes of yours are gorgeous, even if they nearly ruined your feet.


  4. Jude: Was lovely to see you, too. And yes, you must go to the pre-party meet up, it was fun. Even though we were only there for the last 20 minutes!Jane: Nice to have met you, too. I can honestly say I will think twice before wearing heels to a RNA event…well, maybe just little ones…Talli: Lovely to see you again, Talli! I couldn't resist that photo opportunity :-DDebs: Such a shame you weren't there. Next time!Deb: It was a great event – I cannot wait to see everyone again.Rosemary: Thanks, they were beautiful, weren't they? Just a shame they were made by the devil!Elle: My feet have recovered now, well, mostly. I still bear the marks!


  5. Those shoes are truly fantastic and who amongst us hasn't equally suffered for the cause of wonderful heels? The party sounds great, I wish I could have been there – but I bet you're glad that the Daily Mail didn't find you – they would have photoshopped pearls and a blue rinse on!By the way, have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award, pop over to my blog to cut and paste the logo and then pass it forward…


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