Versatile Blogger Award

Wow, I am truly flattered to have been given this award by the lovely Rosemary Gemmell. This is my second award since I started blogging last year, so I am honoured – Thank you!
So, in accepting this award, I need to tell you seven things about me. I will make sure I tell you all seven things that I did not use in my last award…..let me just go and check!
1/ I was, in fact, born Lucy. But when I was about 13/14, after spelling it Lucie for many years, I went to court and legally changed my name by deed-pole. So I am officially Lucie now. Strange, I know, but I feel more like a Lucie than a Lucy – confusing hey? Strange how the mind works.
2/ I am allergic to Pethidine. Luckily, I did not find this out during childbirth, and even though I asked for every drug going I was lucky (??) that my midwife was slow so she didn’t ever get around to giving me anything but gas & air. But at a later stage in my life, when I was diagnosed with Colitis, I had to have a Colonoscopy and they gave me Pethidine to sedate me and my arm swelled like a balloon and a load of huge white lumps formed in the arm they administered it in. It wasn’t serious and I only had to stay in recovery an extra 4 hours until all the swelling went down. 
3/ I love red wine. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to those of you who either know me personally, or read my blog/FB/Twitter regularly. Funny thing is, I never used to like it until I met my OH. He introduced me to a really good bottle and I’ve never looked back since. I do enjoy white and Rose too, but White normally gives me a headache the following morning so I tend to have white as spritzers.
4/ I am not a great cook. I try, I try very hard sometimes, but I am not a natural in the kitchen. I was terrible before I met my OH, and he is excellent so he taught me a few things and now I can pull my weight in the kitchen, but I’m not great at it and to be honest, I don’t really enjoy it all that much – which is probably why I’m not very good. I do make a mean Spaghetti Bolognaise, though!
5/ I have my signature, for my name as it is at the moment, and I actually have a signature for when (if) I sell any books so that I can sign them (optimistic and maybe a little sad?!) but I don’t yet have one for my married name! Which will happen a lot sooner than me selling any books – priorities anyone!? 🙂
6/ I really feel at home doing my writing. I have flitted between different jobs and professions and trained as many different things in my short life so far, but never before have I felt more myself, than when I am writing. I love it. I loved the feeling I got when I actually finished my first novel. I loved the feeling I got each time the reports/appraisals I had done on the earlier drafts were returned to me and when people say they enjoyed it. I love hearing from people who read my blog and say they enjoy it – I just love being a writer. Although I still kind of cringe when I say I’m a writer as I don’t feel I have earned that title yet, not until I get a contract and someone actually wants to pay to read my book. But I write, and I love it. So I will keep doing it 🙂
7/ I am so incredibly and wholeheartedly excited to be going to the RNA Summer Party this month. I cannot wait to see my friends, meet new friends and party with everyone. The RNA is a fantastic association that has been invaluable to my learning as a writer (eek!) and I would highly recommend anyone embarking on a writing journey, to join up next year. 
Well, there you go. Another seven things about me that you may, or may not, have known. I hope they were interesting to read.
So, I now pass on this award to five blog’s that I feel deserve it. I will pass onto people whom I didn’t pass the other award to – but I have to say all of those previous candidates deserve it too!
Fantastic blogs which I love to read….. Enjoy ladies!

6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thanks so much for the award, I'll blog about it soon.I love those seven things. I wish I was going to the RNA Summer Party, but I'll only just be back from a trip to Italy, so won't be able to take more time off work so soon. Have fun.


  2. Wow thanks Lucie! I don't know if I have seven interesting things to tell everyone, but will find something!! Love your 7 facts and your priorities sound in perfect order! 🙂 xxx


  3. Hi lucie, loved reading your '7 things'. Thanks so much for the award and I'll blog about it soon, but it'll probably take me until the end of the year to come up with 7 interesting things about myself 🙂 xxx


  4. Rosemary: Thank you. It just feels a little strange still.Debs: You're welcome! Such a shame you wont make the RNA party.Liz: Glad someone agrees with me LOL! xxJude: You're welcome! xxLindyLouMac: Thank you. You be as nosey as you want 😉


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