Unexpected research & review for The Golden Chain

Good evening,

Where to start. Well, we have a new kitten in the household (who is currently sitting half on my lap, half on the laptop and trying to catch my fingers as I type – I think it best I move him…) His name is Jerry – as in Tom and Jerry – can you tell LO named him? – and he is such a cutie. I’m not really a cat person, but I do love Jerry, just a little bit! Here is a little piccie for you, he is only 7 weeks old…

Bless him. I just wish he would stop trying to catch our feet as we walk and using my leg as a ladder to get onto the sofa as his little legs cant get him up there yet.

So anyway, this afternoon, me and the family decided to go to Thetford National Park for the afternoon. Just for a day out in the sunshine and then to grab something to eat. Well, as I was walking around, I was inspired by some of the beautiful sights I came across and it really tied in with this new book idea I have. Oh, haven’t I mentioned that yet? OK, back track…..

So, the other day I had the idea for book number two. Exciting stuff! It came to me in bed one day and it developed over the days that followed. And when I say developed, I mean it completely unfolded in my mind, I now know the start, middle and end – I just need to fill in the gaps and write it!

So, back to what I was saying. We were walking around and out came my phone to start snapping pictures. So our day trip, actually turned into a little research trip for the book. Lovely. Here are a couple of the pictures I took:

I just found these views so stunning and they tie in quite nicely with some of the book. I also snapped a picture of a house backing onto the lake, it was beautiful. But I wont post it as it’s not my house so I can’t. So a very productive day.
Oh, and before I sign off, It is publication day for the lovely Margaret James, with her fantastic novel The Golden Chain. My review is now here, on my Amazon page. I highly recommend.

9 thoughts on “Unexpected research & review for The Golden Chain

  1. Lovely pictures! Especially Jerry – yes, I am a cat person, and you will be by the time he's a little bit bigger. Good luck with the new book – and I heartily agree with you abou The Golden Chain, it's a wonderful story.


  2. Jane : I used to have cats as a child, but then we got our dog 6 years ago. I love the cuddles Jerry gives me, though. But he just doesn't listen to me! I'm used to saying 'no!' to the dog, and she does as she is told – I say 'no!' to Jerry and he doesn't even turn around! Little tyke. His cute face will get him out of a lot of trouble, me thinks!Liz: He is very cute – you can have cuddles in a few weeks 🙂 xx


  3. Kay: I know – he is just a little bit special, isn't he? :-)Pauline: Thank you, I cannot wait to get fully submerged into this new story. x


  4. Hi Clare. Well, I have already started it. I've done Chapter one so far – although once it is finished and I begin editing, who knows if it will stay as Chapter One. My current book's Chapter one ended up changing and turning into a prologue….I just hope I can get a nice chunk of it done before the other book comes back from NWS. We shall see!


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