I need a pen and some paper!

These were the words I greeted my friend with, earlier today. Not ‘hi, how are you?’ or ‘thanks for having me over.’ No, instead, I walked in her front door saying, ‘I need a pen and some paper!’ Luckily she is a good friend so she knows I’m not mad. Or more like she thinks I am, but she doesn’t care.

The reason for my rude greeting, was that I had just spent the previous 20 minutes rapidly unveiling a new idea in my head whilst driving to her house. Out of the blue, the hero for a new book idea just strolled into my mind, fully formed, and ready for me to write his story. I got an idea of who the heroine should be, what their purpose was in the story and how it should vaguely pan out. So, by the time I reached her house, I desperately needed to write some notes before it filtered out of my mind and became just a bundle of words. But I have told this new man, that he needs to wait in the sidelines for a few weeks, just until I’m finished with the current WiP. I don’t have the brain capacity, or the skill, to hold more than one story in my mind. Not as in depth as I need to have them in there, anyway. But it’s brewing, and it’s ready. Yay!

So, the current WiP. Well, that is going fantastic, actually. I am probably two thirds of my way through the final edit. It’s an amazing feeling and to be honest, I feel like this has been the most productive edit of them all. (And there have been a few!) I don’t know if it is because there was quite a major overhaul with this one, but I feel like I am really getting to where I want to be with the novel. I am aiming to finish in the next couple of weeks and then will send it off on its journey to the NWS.

Then I can entertain my new hero….


2 thoughts on “I need a pen and some paper!

  1. I do think your a little mad, but I don't care, its what makes you unique and if it means you write a second fantastic book for me to read then you are welcome to all the pens and pieces of paper I own.


  2. Haha, thanks Em! I'm flattered that you are already saying a 'fantastic' second book, even when you haven't read this one yet. Your confidence in me is very encouraging – cheers!


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