Apologies for the delay….

Hi everyone.

I feel like it has been ages since I have properly written a blog post. I am finding it hard, right now, to juggle parenthood, housewifehood (have I just made that up??) and writing. Along with planning my wedding and half term, too. So I’ve had hardly any time to get much blogging done. I received my MS back with its report, which I have to say I am over the moon with. Such kind words, and encouragement, I am so grateful for. So, I have been desperate to get started on my re-writes, which were meant to begin last Monday. It is now Sunday, and I am only just beginning! OOOPS! I do not know where this last week has gone. And I think the break from writing made me realise just how tired I was. All those nights, running up to when I submitted my MS for appraisal, that I was up working until 2am, they took their toll on me. And the past 2 weeks I have felt constantly, how shall I say, shattered! So, after trying to catch up on sleep, I feel I am now ready to throw myself, whole heartedly into my re-writes.

My next deadline is August. I am a member of the NWS, as many of you already know, and the deadline for the TSS’s to be submitted is August. So, even though this is my deadline, I am aiming to get it in before August. This, and the fact that I get married in August, means that I would quite like to get it in by July, the latest, so that I can spend the weeks running up to my wedding, feeling only stressed with wedding related things!

So, I hope you are all well?

I have hardly been on Twitter, Facebook, blogs or ROMNA so bear with me peeps, and I shall be back on form, very very soon.

Oh, and one last thing. Kate Johnson‘s fantastic debut novel with ChocLit ‘The Untied Kingdom’ is being published on April 1st.I am a reader for ChocLit and I read this book when it was at submission stage. And I absolutely LOVED it then. So I can only imagine how brilliant it will be now.

And she is here, on my blog, on March 8th. So please, do come and show your support and visit my blog on the 8th! See you all there 🙂


3 thoughts on “Apologies for the delay….

  1. I do not think a blogger should ever need to apologise? Busy life in the real world, so that is fine loyal and interested readers will always be here. Take Care and have a good week.


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