My year at a glance

Well, it’s gone!

I have officially finished my revisions on the novel and it went off in the post this morning, to make its long journey to my wonderful friend who has agreed to read it and give me some feedback on it.

I am in split minds, though.

I am happy – I have spent hours, days, weeks and months on this particular rewrite. I’ve deleted words (lots of them!) I have added words (lots of them!) I have shuffled around the storyline, I have deleted a character and I have added a character. I have read it, cover to cover, twice, and I have found my perfect title. So, it has been a hard slog at times, but I have finally finished it (for now) and I am relieved to be having a little break.

Although my mind seems to be having other ideas; but more of that later.

So, I am happy, yes.

But I am also, nervous. I’m nervous, initially, for it being on its own for its journey, and no longer clutched tightly to my chest. (Yes, that is how I walked to the post office this morning!) And then, once it is received, I am nervous about what my friend will think of it. Will she like it? Will she laugh, cry, be happy, be sad…..
Or will she report back that it is messily put together and needs a lot more work and time spent on it before it heads off to the NWS (which is where it is headed next)??? Who knows? Only time will tell….

My journey began in February last year. After seeing a clairvoyant at a pub, they told me I had a dream that I wanted to follow, but I was scared. But she said I should do it, and I would do well at it. So, I took the plunge and began to look for writing courses. I found the novel writing course at the LSJ and signed up. This is where I met my invaluable tutor, and now good friend, Margaret James. She was with me, step by step, chapter by chapter, all the way from Feb to August. I had written 18 or so chapters when my course had finished, and Margaret no longer held my hand. That was very scary. I still had no idea what I was doing and felt very much like I was writing blind. I still do sometimes!

So I finished the course in August, but continued to write the book. I have had numerous drafts and rewrites and a very much needed appraisal, back in October, that highlighted some very good points to me. I have completed another set of re-writes and a year on, this is where I stand now. I have made some fantastic friends over the past year and received an amazing amount of support from both long term friends and family, to the new friends I have made. I joined the RNA last month and am going to my first proper writing conference next weekend. Amazing what can happen in a year!

So, back to what I said earlier. I was looking forward to having a few days off from the writing schedule I work to. Not a large break, but a few days where I was not writing until 1/2am. And where I could maybe catch up on Eastenders, or do some spring cleaning, or read a little..

But no.

My brain has decided that I do not need even a day’s break. Instead, on the morning of me sending my MS off, it has decided to flood my mind with the next story idea, and refuse to budge until I gave in and looked into it deeper; to find out who these people are that have suddenly popped into my head.
It wants to know their names, where they are from, what they do for a living. And then It insisted on knowing why a certain person was sad? who were they in relation to that other person? Did he make her sad, or did she make him sad? Why don’t they talk about it……..


To be fair, this isn’t really an ‘argh!’ moment. I have been concerned that I couldn’t seem to settle on a new idea for my next book. No publisher wants to publish a book by someone who only has one idea, and thats it! I do have a few idea’s, all different, and all of which can be worked on and molded into good stories, I hope, but none of which, at the moment, I went ‘Oh, my god, I must tell this story, now!’
Well, that was until this morning, when I was watching Postman Pat with LO (don’t ask!) and this new idea catapulted into my head.

Oh well, when an idea strikes, you can’t ignore it. And I am actually quite excited about starting something new anyway, so here goes for book number two…I hope it develops as well as I want it to!

Also, this week, I am meeting with the lovely Talli Roland on Sunday afternoon for a coffee and a chat about her up and coming paperback release of The Hating Game. (There has also been talk of cake!)
I had a review copy of Talli’s book last year and absolutely loved it. Here is my review for it.
So keep an eye on my blog for the interview – I hope to upload it next week.

I would just like to end this post today, by saying a massive thank you to everyone who has been behind me following my dream this past year. Without all your support and encouragement, I would most definitely not be at the stage I am today.

Thank you!!!


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