Johnny Be Good – Paige Toon

My review for Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon is now on my Amazon review page.

If you click on the Links page at the top of my blog, and follow the link to my reviews page, you will find it there.


2 thoughts on “Johnny Be Good – Paige Toon

  1. I was interested to see what you wrote for Johnny Be Good's review. I haven't read this particular book of Paige Toon's but I did read Chasing Daisy. Like you, I wasn't sure where the book was going and who the heroine was going to end up with. She builds up one hero while sneakily slipping the other into the story until BAM! Halfway through, she turns the lovestory on its head. While I liked the fact that it wasn't cliched, I felt I hadn't 'invested' enough in the correct hero. And speaking of lovestories, it focuses a lot on Formula One racing as its main theme rather than romance. This isn't a bad thing necessarily, as it gave an insight into the sport which I knew very little about before. The only thing I did know about F1 was that the drivers have to be short in order to fit into their cars which kind of ruined the whole tall dark and handsome hero image for me! Despite this, I would recommend the book as it's entertaining and lively.


  2. I am yet to read chasing daisy. Thanks for the review, though. If you go onto my links page, there is a link to my FB page for reviews. If you want, you can join my group and post regular reviews and recommended reads for others to see? Just a thought for you if you like to review books 🙂


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