And I would like to welcome…Jane Lovering….

For those of you who don’t know Jane Lovering, she is the author of the book ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’, due for release on 1st February by ChocLit publishing. 

For the past few weeks, Jane has been doing a blog tour, where she has taken over other peoples’ blog’s, to spread the work about her up and coming novel release. (And to also tell everyone a little about herself, with various mentions of shopping, how she finds the time to write and revealing some dark writing secrets)

So, here she is, welcomed with open arms, onto my blog to talk about, well, read it and you’ll find out!

Hi Lucie, thanks for letting me address the hoards through the medium of your blog.  I promise to close the door after me and take my shoes off before I walk in…
My novel ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’ has, as one of its central characters, a man called Ben Davies, who used to be the frontman for the band Willow Down.  In my head, Willow Down is an indie rock band whose music is like a cross between My Chemical Romance, FallOut Boy and the more lyrical of the Foo Fighters tracks.  But I carefully haven’t mentioned exactly what kind of music they play because I know, for some people, these bands are only slightly better to listen to than a chainsaw.  Or ducks.  Because I am a big fan of music, but only certain kinds of music.  I don’t like anything too quiet, or the Beatles, or anything which has even slight overtones of pan pipes.  Any music that sounds as though it could be replicated by men in ponchos clearing a difficult nostril is right out too. 
I like my music LOUD.  That way I can sing along and, since no-one can tell what the lyrics are meant to sound like, I can ‘…dah adah abooo..nanana… my father’s beard…’ to my heart’s content.  Pendulum is good for this, so far as I can tell Pendulum and Kings of Leon have no real lyrics at all, which is my kind of music.  You can dance around the living room like a nutcase (well, I can), burbling nonsense words and convincing yourself that stardom is a mere matter of losing four stone and twenty years, gaining a nose stud and very tight jeans and finding a song which combines your total lack of musical ability with your ability to gyrate very fast with your hands in the air.
I can’t even play the nose-flute.  You can tell, can’t you?  But Ben Davies used to play guitar like an angel, and now he doesn’t.  For the story of why, and how he came to leave the band and get involved with a terrified jewellery maker called Jemima, you have to read ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’. 
Now, turn the radio up, they’re playing ‘D.O.A’ again, and I have to rotate.  And wiggle, I might wiggle a bit too.  You might want to close your eyes…..
And this is the good bit.  Those lovely people at Choc Lit are offering a prize of a copy of Please Don’t Stop the Music for one commenter who drops by to tell me about their favourite music/musical experience!  So let’s all hear about your secret liking for the works of Richard Cheese, or the fact that you know all the words to every Abba song, ever…
Jane Lovering’s Please Don’t Stop the Music is published by Choc Lit on 01 February.  Jane can be found, when not gyrating at, or you can follow her on Twitter @janelovering.  
Thanks for dropping by, Jane! We wish you every success with Please Don’t Stop the Music.

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