Application for RNA NWS – Done!

As Gordon Ramsey would say.

I am very excited. I have wanted to join the Romantic Novelists’ Association, (RNA) since the beginning of last year, but as I only started writing in February and I was only aware of the RNA after that, it was too late. So I have spent months waiting for today. I filled in my form and my cheque first thing and sent it about 15 minutes ago. Now I just wait. I hope that I will be blogging very soon with good news – wish me luck!!

As for my writing session last night. I had another great one – really feeling this book now and very excited about where it’s going in my head. I had planned to try and do an all night writing session to get a load done, but I lasted until 1am and realised my LO would be up in a few hours so thought it wise to stop and grab a couple of hours kip. (After reading a couple of chapters on my Kindle, of course!)

I finally finished my post-it plotting and I am very pleased with how my first attempt of it has gone:

Excuse the random light cord, smack bang in the middle of my photo! But there it is, up on my wall. The odd yellow post-it at the end is one i’ve already taken out and I’m trying to decide whether to move it or cut it. But doesn’t it look pretty. 3 and a half A3 pages, not bad for a first try.

I also started Character brainstorms. I was going to upload a photo of that, too, but blogger wont upload it. Maybe I have put too many pictures on here over the past few posts and it’s telling me to calm down! 🙂 I’ll try and post again another time, maybe when they are more completed.

And I also wrote a list of things I wanted to change/add in the MS. So I think I had a very productive 4.5 hours of work last night. Might try and grab a couple of hours tonight as I have my wonderful Maid of Honour staying over at the weekend for lots of wedding planning so will be taking a break from writing for a couple of days.

So, at the end of week one back at writing – I am very happy and feeling very positive 🙂


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