I love my Kindle!

I received my new Kindle in the post this afternoon and I cannot tell you just how excited I was when I saw the delivery man. (Because I knew it was the Kindle he was delivering…..I was not excited about the delivery man!)

I have downloaded Pride and Prejudice already as it was in the recommendations for me and I wanted to see just how quickly you could get the book downloaded. The manual said under a minute, I have to say, I was doubtful. But, lo and behold, it did just that! I clicked ‘buy’ and within 30 seconds it was in my Kindle ready to read – Amazing! So I am going to buy Sue Moorcroft’s Want to Know a Secret next, as I am currently reading it and I want to use my Kindle tonight at bedtime so I think I’ll download it so I can continue to read it on there!
I am a bit concerned that now having this, I will not buy books so often. I love having books. I think some of them (Choclit have to be my current favourite) have the most beautiful covers, so I like to have them showing on my bookcase. So I may buy on Kindle first, see if I enjoy, and then if I do, buy the real thing. I’ll have spent more but at least my shelves will be filled with all my favourite books (my new ‘office’ isn’t huge so I need to fill the space cleverly)

My OH also bought me a gorgeous pink case for it too. So I had to take a picture….

I love it!
Oh, just quickly, Julie Cohen has given yet more brilliant advice on how to solve plot problems. Check it out here 
Also, I’ve had my desk 3 days now and this is what it looks like:

Not as tidy as it was, ahem, 3 days ago! Oh well, I know what everything is and where everything is so I can still be creative amongst the mess.

Do you keep your desk’s tidy? If so, how?


3 thoughts on “I love my Kindle!

  1. Sorry to clutter your comments but just had to add that when I went to post that previous comment, the 'words' thingy I had to write to show I was a person and not a computer were "Hi Gerry". Weird.


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