Let the work commence…

Well, this evening is my first proper writing session back after the festive break and I am raring to go. This post will be a bit of a mish mash of things so bear with me..

Firstly, new years resolutions. Do you all make them? Or should I say, do you all keep to them? I always make them, and sometimes keep them. For instance, last year I made resolutions to lose weight, (same every year and last year I actually gained weight. So a big fat NO on that one) I also vowed to make new friends, which I did. I made a number of new friends last year and become a lot closer to some older friends. So a tick for that one.
This years resolutions are as follows:

1/ Lose weight for my wedding in August (Ah, the trusty weight. Always a resolution but never really done, until now) I have my goal of my wedding to use as incentive so I will actually stick to this one. I am doing it sensibly by running on my treadmill (have done my 2 miles before settling down to work this evening) and cutting back on junk food and wine.

2/ Be better at keeping ontop of my ironing pile. I am RUBBISH at doing our ironing. It currently stands at around a meter high and very rarely dips below. But this will be the year that I do it regularly and we all have clothes to wear that are not creased, yay!

3/ Keep the car clean. I have not only myself to contend with for this one, but my wonderful daughter aswell. We are both guilty of eating and leaving wrappers in the car and also, living where we do and having friends live where they do, means there is always mud inside the car. And I always leave it until it looks like a field inside before I say, ‘Hmmm, think I need to hoover and wash the car!’ So I will be better this year at keeping it clean and tidy.

4/ Finish the novel. It is nearly a year since I began work on my first novel. I know everyone is different and each person takes a different amount of time to finish. However, If I am totally honest with myself, the past few months I have become a little slack and not focused myself properly. I had bursts of dedicated moments and then slumps. So this year I am going to apply myself and focus! I am soooooo close to finishing, I just need to do it!

5/ Be more confident. I am quite a shy person. Going somewhere I’ve not been before, going to places alone, meeting new people, I get very nervous and shy and that sometimes results in me either not going somewhere or being very quiet or sometimes the opposite and rambling when I feel the nerves. So I will try my best to be more self confident and get out there and do things and meet people. I am applying for the RNA on Friday when the applications open and so I think that will be a huge help with this one. I will have plenty of opportunities to meet new people and go to things.

So there you have it. My resolutions for 2011. I shall keep you posted on my progress.

On another note, I picked up my new desk yesterday and so today I write to you from it. I feel very professional sitting at my desk in my new ‘office’ surrounded by books and my work.

The book that surround me are behind the desk – I realised that you cannot actually see them in this picture, but believe me, they are there. This is the first evening of use, so I assume that this is the tidiest it will ever be, too! So, maybe, now I have a proper work space and I don’t have to clear away my work from the dining table everytime I finish a writing session, I may get more done. We shall see.
Oh, and one more thing. I had the most fantastic, vivid dream last night! It was amazing. A story just totally unfolded in my mind, although there was no end. I woke up and straight away had to write notes. I have had plot ideas unravel in my mind before, but never as intense as this one did. But now I am paranoid that I have seen this idea in another book and that’s why it was so complete in my mind. I need to check a few things and hopefully, if it turns out to be my own idea, then I think I have another novel in the making. Fingers crossed!

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