The holidays are here

Well, that’s it. School has broken up, dancing lessons have stopped for Christmas and swimming lessons are finished until January – The holidays have arrived. And with it, I now have a 4 yr old who will need entertaining for approximately 13 hours a day. So I am sorry, but, bye bye writing time!

I normally write for around 2.5 hours every morning when LO goes to preschool. Occasionally I write of an evening, too. But my daughter is not a great sleeper so evenings are very rarely a long session. She suffers with night terrors, so when she has a terror the rest of her night seems to be broken with waking and crying for no apparent reason, or just restless sleep with various requests of needing the toilet/a drink/a cuddle/me! She is, thankfully, growing out of her terrors, slowly. However, her sleeping patterns are still very much all over the place. She will normally go off to bed around 7pm and go straight to sleep (after protests of ‘i’m not tired!’) and in a ‘normal’ night, she will wake around 2/3 times before asking to come into my bed. Occasionally she will have a night, like last night, where she is very restless and I end up going into her many more times. Last night she woke a few times before midnight, then the early hours of the morning I was in and out every 15/20 mins until about 3am (when my dog promptly growled to let me know she then needed a wee!) LO then got up at 6am (which is normal for her) to join me in bed and watch TV.
Her random sleep habits mean that I cannot put her to bed and settle down for a writing session as I will normally have to go up and down to her, therefore breaking my concentration, so when she is at preschool tends to be the best time for writing (although having to stop after 2.5 hours is hard when I am in full flow!)
It is not her fault, night terrors are a sleep disorder so she is totally unaware of having them and we are unaware of what triggers them. Some weeks are better than others. But she is a happy child so what more can you ask for – sleep is overrated anyway (Hmmm!?)

So, anyway, seeing as it is now the holidays, my revisions will be having to take a little backseat. It is impossible to write whilst she is around so I will grab some time here and there but once school is back in force, I shall be able to knuckle down again. My new years resolution – finish the book and be more disciplined! (Well as much as I can with a child)

On another note, I cannot believe how much snow we have all had! I don’t remember having so much when I was little. With LO the novelty has worn off. I think it is because we cannot drive anywhere so we have to walk, and as we live at the top of a hill, walking back from the shops, in the snow covered paths is not enjoyable and very very hard work. So the other day when I said ‘shall we go and build a snowman?’ she replied, ‘no, I’m tired!’ She had been feeling a little poorly so I told her to watch from the conservatory and I would build one for her……so here is Bert!

I had no carrots so he has a leek for a nose! And do you know what she said to me when I asked if she liked it?
‘I wanted a big one’

There’s no pleasing some people!

I have really enjoyed looking at other blogs over the past week and seeing the snow pictures from everyone so here are a couple….

Doesn’t it look beautiful? I don’t mind looking at it, I just hate walking in it! 
If I don’t get to post beforehand,
I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
Let 2011 be a good one!

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