Post – it plotting courtesy of Julie Cohen

A while back I came across this post by Julie Cohen : Post-it Plotting.

At the time, I read it in awe but vowed that I could never pull of such a complex piece of work.

But then I had a confidence boost yesterday, and decided to give it a go! What have I got to lose? (Apart from every ounce of self belief if it highlights the story is a mess.)

So, I went out to the shops yesterday and bought my colourful post-its. This morning I sat down, briefed the post again, and began. It is soooooo much fun! I have only completed 10 chapters so far, but I have never felt so in tune with my story. I can clearly see where all my plot threads are and how they intertwine with each other, and also where they clump together and need spacing out.
It has made me realise the characters I don’t mention enough and the ones who take over.

I have only done it briefly, at the moment, so once I have the whole story planned out I can go back and go more in depth and move things around.

I have taken a picture of what I have achieved so far this morning – Pink, as you can probably tell, is my main plot with my major characters, so there are mostly pink. But, as I said, this is my first attempt…..what do you think?


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