My Mojo brought me a present!

I think I can safely say my Mojo is definitely back. And from Its holiday it brought back a new idea!

From nowhere, this morning, I had an idea. It just dropped into my head unexpectedly and has been developing ever since. I grabbed my notebook and began writing it down and it was one of those idea’s where you simply cannot write it down quick enough. Now, I have terrible handwriting at the best of times, but when the idea’s are flowing, my writing becomes almost unreadable! Luckily, to my eye, I kind of get the gist of what I write during these such times.

However, now, I have a problem. For a while, I had been thinking that one of my sub plots hadn’t really earned its place in my story as yet. I had been playing around with it but it still wasn’t fully ‘in’ the story – if you see what I mean? And then along came New Idea to throw a spanner into the works. I think this idea needs to be woven into the story instead of the current sub plot (keeping up?)

So, I have two options.

1. Keep the current sub plot and continue to work on it.( Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a rubbish sub plot, it just isn’t properly ‘in’ the story yet. ) And then use this idea elsewhere, either in this story (although i’m not sure both will work together), or save it for another.

2. Drop the current sub plot and weave this new one in. Meaning a lot of re writing, and probably eradicating me finishing this revision before the year is out.

Hmmmmmm….what to do, what to do……


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