Hello Mojo!

My Mojo is back!!

I am so relieved. The past couple of weeks I have been really struggling with my writing. I seemed to have gotten to a point where everything I wrote was rubbish and I couldn’t get back into my story. I was reading it, constantly thinking ‘that’s rubbish!’

It got so bad that I was questioning why I was even bothering to try and write. Reading other people’s books, I thought it would help inspire me back into it, but it only made me look at their work and think how bad mine was in comparison! Not the effect I wanted or needed in that state of mind. I know that the finished product on the shelf is a result of rigorous editing by both the author and publishers etc, but I was in that place where I didn’t think logically about it, all I saw was this fantastic book compared to my manuscript which is all over the place.
So I then got to the point where every time I thought about sitting down to write, I was finding other things that ‘needed’ doing so I put it off and put it off and then before I knew it – I hadn’t worked on the MS for a couple of weeks. Then I began to worry that I had left it too long to return back to it and that I had missed my window of finishing it.

And then, I vowed to settle down last night to work on it. But I fell asleep!

I must’ve needed a good sleep as I woke up this morning feeling very positive. I dropped Little One to school and came straight home, made a coffee and began working. And it just came back, without any notice, or apologies for leaving me, my Mojo returned! Reading the story again after a big break I can see it is not rubbish, it needs work, but it’s not rubbish – Hurrah!!

I am so pleased to be feeling up beat about it again and I hope that my Mojo decides to stick around long enough to get this revision done…..


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