ill again!

Well, yet again, I am ill. It was only 3 weeks ago that I was ill and I lost my voice; I don’t think I ever really shook that off as it seems to have come back with a vengance. My eyes are constantly streaming (which makes it impossible to read!) I cant stop sneezing, my whole body aches, I am having regular coughing fits which in turn hurts my head, my chest hurts and my nose cant decide whether it is blocked or runny! Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? I can assure you I don’t look very glamorous….and my poor little girl has the same. Although she is styling it out better than I am?!

So, I was planning to settle in bed and read last night as I am coming to the end of the fantastic book I am reading at the moment, Trade Winds by Christina Courtenay, but if I wasn’t sneezing my eyes were filling up preparing for the next sneeze so it was near on impossible to read. I’m hoping to finish the book in the next day or so, so watch out for the review…

I have been doing the odd bit of revising in between feeling rubbish, for my novel. I have revised around 35 pages so far and in that revision I have cut a character and changed quite a few names! It’s very strange changing the name of a character who you have written about for months but it was very necessary as it had been pointed out to me that the majority of my characters names’ started with the same letters! I had numerous J names and a few S names so it became a little confusing. I had not realised this before now, I think I was too ‘into’ the story, but once it had been highlighted to me I couldn’t stop noticing it. It is hard to then apply a new name to a character as it’s not them. But it needs to be done so I am hoping it will soon feel normal to call them by their new names.

I will settle down to getting this revision complete when I’m feeling better but it’s just so hard to do when you feel so rubbish. It’s been a hard slog getting this post written!

Hope everyone is feeling good and enjoying the start of the week.


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