Busy busy busy!

Evening all!
Well what a hectic few weeks I’ve had. You know when time passes really quickly and you look back and think ‘what did I actually do?’ well I’ve had a couple of weeks like that. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that did get done but on the whole the weeks just flew by before I knew it.

I had my daughters birthday last week and she had her party the weekend before. We hired a hall with a huge bouncy castle and ball pit with some soft play toys thrown in for good measure and all the children had a great time. But let me tell you, the planning process for such a party does not come without it’s stresses. I was fine up until the day before the party. I had planned it quite well and had all the food the day before and her presents and party bags etc…so I just popped into town on the Friday morning to get a few last minute things. Whilst in Clintons, I saw a huge number 4 balloon and thought it would be a nice idea to get it to put on the table at the hall. So we picked up this balloon and a Nemo one, too. Got them filled with helium and made our way home. On our return home, I took the balloons out of the sack to find the number 4 had deflated. Lots of tears from Little One so off I went back into town to take it back to the shop. Apologies were made and they offered me another. Great, job done and back home to have lunch with my friend.


They did not have any more number 4’s left. Now I could deal with changing colour of the balloon, I could even deal with changing style of balloon. The one thing I couldn’t do was change how old she was! However, she had her heart set on this number 4 so I gave the lady behind the counter my name and number and she promised to ring me during the afternoon once she had located one from another store to collect.
Off we went home and had lunch with my friend and her children.
3:30pm and my friend leaves and I still have not had a phone call from the shop. So I call them.

‘Yes, we have located one in the store in the next town. We can have it in our store tomorrow for you to collect.’

‘But the party is tomorrow,’ I tell her desperately.

‘Well all we can do is offer you a refund and you could go and pick it up yourself.’

I am now thinking why didn’t I just do this at lunchtime and not now, at 3:45pm on a Friday. So after collecting my refund (£7.99 for a balloon!) I made the journey to the next town and drove towards the local Tesco’s to park. Big mistake!
Half an hour I queued to get into the car park and get parked. I finally parked, dashed out and started towards Clintons when I passed a party supply shop. I darted in and was relieved to find a huge number 4 in pink! Perfect. Although in this shop it was £8.99. Sod it, I thought, now all I want is this balloon so I’d have paid 20.99 if it meant me getting it and just getting home.
Got back to the car and queued for a further 50 minutes to get out! I passed the parking patrol camera’s one minute before my time was up – although I was ready to appeal any such ticket they wanted to send me, I was ready to leave 50 minutes ago!!
And the culprit for all this stress…..

Saying this, she had a fantastic party so it was worth all the trouble…well….almost.

After the party we jumped in the car and made the 3.5 hour trip to Shrewsbury. We were due to view a wedding venue the following day so decided to drive up the night before and book a hotel to save driving so much in one day.
Then on the Sunday morning we went to see Rowton Castle.
Well, what an amazing place. As soon as we drive up the drive I fell in love. We chatted for ages with the wedding planner going over prices, accommodation etc and then she showed us around. I kept my emotions very well under wraps and tried to just enjoy walking around. However, once we had finished, we decided to do one last round of the grounds on our own before we left. I stood in the gardens looking back up at the castle and at that moment I thought to myself – this is the one. And then my eyes filled with tears and I was gone. I knew then I wanted it. And luckily, so did Craig!
We chatted about it all the way home and then I rang the following day to confirm we wanted the date that they had been provisionally holding for us. And so, we marry there on the 13th August next year. I am so excited I cannot wait. I have already had my fair share of wedding stress but I hope that I can hold it together for the next 8.5 months until our big day and that it all goes smoothly and we have a great day at the end of it all.

So really, for the past week or so I have been seeing friends and family for Little One’s birthday celebrations and ringing round numerous wedding suppliers trying to get the ball rolling. So unfortunately, my revisions have taken a back seat. But not any more. I am back and ready to get this draft finished. So I promise my next post will be more writing related and less wedding and birthday related 🙂

Hope you are all having a good week so far.


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