Am I a writer?

It’s a strange feeling when you take that bridge from being a reader, to being a reader who writes.

I can no longer just read a book as a book. Other writers out there must understand what I am saying? When I used to read, I read the book as it was – words on a page that catapulted me into a world far far away. Now, well now when I read I am looking at the authors use of words, the way they set their scene, the page layout, the plot, the characters, the themes, the writing style……is it in first/third person, how is the author provoking these emotions I am feeling, how have they carried the story forward……you get the idea, right?

So, my question is, does this make me a writer? I am a bit reserved about calling myself a writer as I haven’t yet had anything published so surely I am not yet a proper writer? However, I feel like I think like a writer, and obviously I write, so am I?

It’s a tough one… I’m interested to hear others views….when did you first call yourself a writer?

On another note, I have received my manuscript back now and I am very pleased with the report that came attached to it! The author who appraised it for me, pointed out some great things that were not quite right in the story which, looking back at now, I can see. I read her comments on certain things and had an ‘oh yeah!’ moment. Sometimes I think you need someone on the ‘outside’ to open your eyes to something that is obvious.
When I handed over my manuscript, I knew it was too short. It currently only stands at around 57,500 words so nowhere near the 70k min needed for a novel. However, I felt that I had gotten to a point in my story where I was on a bit of a slump. What I mean is that I had gotten so far with it, but I needed some feedback to get me further. I think I also needed a bit of a confidence boost too, to be honest. I have been writing this story since February, and after 9 months, I think I needed someone on the ‘outside’ to read it and tell me that I haven’t wasted that time. (Wow! I couldve had a baby in that time!)

But, like I said, I was very pleased with the feedback I got and it evoked many idea’s within my head. So, after this weekend, I will start Monday morning, with a fresh head, and get this reworking underway! I shall be sending it to another fantastic author once this draft has been reworked to get a different perspective on it so I am hoping, after many edits and feedback, this manuscript will one day work its way onto a publishers desk who will read it and say, ‘this has great potential, I want it!’

Oh, and one last thing, I am toying with the idea of creating a pen name…….anyone out there who has one (Talli I know you do! 🙂 ) how did you come up with it? and why?

Hope you all have a fab weekend and enjoy the fireworks!


2 thoughts on “Am I a writer?

  1. I know it's a bit late in the day to be saying this (maybe three-and-a-half months late) but as soon as you typed those words "Chapter One" you became a writer.One thing you write about in your post was the shortfall on your wordcount and you said you felt you almost needed an appraisal to kick it further. In total agreement with you on this. The novel I've just finished now (Keeping The Peace) was planned at 60,000 words and floundered at 15k. Then I discovered where the reviews I got from the readers were so motivating and encouraging that now KTP stands completed at 120,000! A huge difference and the comments from my readers after each chapter often made me alter the plot so they would be kept guessing until the end. The only cons to that website is the lack of copyright protection and the reviews, although very encouraging when they beg for the next chapter, aren't always the most constructive, and (IMO, this one isn't that much of a con) the majority of the readership are also in their teens or very early 20's, so depending on your market, they might be too young (I write commercial women's fiction and mention it has adult content in it and it's still popular with the younger generation so I'm not complaining!). The address is (I'm there as hannah221)


  2. Better late than never, eh! Thank you for your comments. And thanks for the information about Fiction Press. I am seriously impressed that your novel stands at 120k – well done you!


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