Well, what an evening last night. After being together for 7 1/2 years, Craig proposed and we are now engaged. Totally unexpected – which in itself is a surprise as I always thought I would know when he was going to do it.

He took me to a beautiful restaurant in Dedham, Essex called Le Talbooth. Beautiful beams, open fireplaces and excellent food! I am totally amazed at how many people knew what was happening – and no-one let it slip at all over the past few weeks! Some of our friends, some family, the chef, the waiting staff, even the cab driver who took us and picked us up knew about it!
We had our drinks before dinner and then we were seated. The waiter bought over an appetizer, compliments of the chef, of warm chorizo, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar. It was amazing! Craig didn’t even know they were going to do that so when they brought it over we were both saying ‘isn’t that nice, no-one else is getting this!’. Obviously Craig realised then why but couldn’t tell me. So we had that and then our starters – and then Craig said to me ‘there was a reason why I brought you here..’ and he reached into his suit pocket. At this point I was half thinking, god this is a cruel joke if you are winding me up (as I was always going on about how much I would love to get married) and the other half of me saying, noway is he actually going to ask me!
When he placed the box on the table – I cried! Now I am not known for being very emotional and I don’t cry at anything, but seeing the box, and it wasn’t even opened yet, just broke me down. He opened it and asked me to marry him. Amidst all the crying I took a second to answer, but of course I said yes.
The waiting staff congratulated us and brought over our main. I couldn’t stop crying so I took ages to eat my meal. Then Craig unravelled all the details of the past couple of weeks and everything made sense – the late days at work and secret ‘business’ phone calls which were in fact arrangements to see the diamond broker for my ring. How I didn’t realise something was going on, I don’t know!
When the waiter brought our desert out, the chef had decorated my plate in chocolate writing saying ‘congratulations!’ – it was amazing.
We then went to our friends pub. I found out that Craig had not in fact gone to work yesterday daytime, which is where he told me he went, he was with our friends at the pub. He hid his work van in an industrial estate near where we live so I didn’t spot it and he went, with out friend, to pick up the paperwork for my ring and to sort last minute things. So after our meal we went to the pub and they had sectioned off a little area as a ‘vip’ area with champagne, a balloon and some beautiful flowers, with a lovely card. So we ended the evening with some drinks with our friends.
I cannot believe how many people were involved to make sure it run smoothly and I had no idea. Definitely a night to remember.

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