Having a moment….

I had a moment yesterday that made me look at life in a totally new light.

I was driving home from my mums and my daughter was asleep and I decided that I wanted to listen to Classic FM. Never before have I listened to this station but I really enjoyed it. The night was falling and the sky was a lovely shade of deep blue (can you tell I’m a writer?!) and with the music playing I felt strange.
I don’t know what was playing as I am not an avid listener of classical music, but it was beautiful and made me happy, but a little sad too. I took a new look at life and thought – as a whole, life can be pretty rubbish for most people! Now let me explain what I mean before you all think I’m ungrateful and ‘unfollow’ me 🙂
What I mean is this. The majority of the people out there will start working at 16-18 and will continue working until the day they die. Never doing what they want to do, just working all day every day. And this is because ‘that’s life!’. Most of the people out there can’t afford to not work and go gallivanting around the world and doing things they never dreamed of doing, because we all have mortgages/rent/children/bills etc to pay for. There are so many beautiful countries out there, so many idyllic places to visit, so many mountains to climb and sea’s to sail – but most of us will never do it because, ‘that’s life!’.
You get one shot at life and most of us will spend that, working.
This made me think. I am extremely lucky. I have a very hard-working boyfriend who, through his hard work, enables me to be able to be at home with our daughter and write my book. A lot of people don’t have this luxury. So it got me thinking. Maybe I need to do something about it.
Maybe in the future I will get to climb a mountain, and see all the beautiful countries out there and go on safari in Africa and hike through the Sahara. Maybe! But I need to start living life, not just for me, but for all those people out there who don’t have the opportunities I do.
Writing my book. This will be one achievement in life I will do. I will work my hardest at it and get it to the level where a publisher will want to publish it – i will! But that got me thinking of what else I could do….
Having a young daughter limits me at the moment to the level of danger and the length of time of anything that I can do – so I wont be hiking through the Amazon or climbing Mount Everest (at the moment!) but I will definitely start small and do things in my life that I can look back on at 80 and say – I did that!
You have one shot at life – you have to make the most of it!

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