It’s another one of those nights – I just can’t get into the zone!

I have a busy couple of evenings coming up so I did really need to get some more editing done tonight, but if it’s not there; it’s not there! I can’t force it. If I do then it will be rubbish whatever I do and I will only have to delete it anyway, therefore it would be a complete waste of time! I am also really enjoying Turning the Tide by Christine Stovell so i’m desperate to get into bed and carry on reading that.
So, I am up to chapter 18 of my edit and I have 9 chapters left to edit as well as a scene to add. I have set myself a little deadline of 4 weeks time to complete editing. Obviously as an un published writer, I have the luxury of nothing happening should I not meet this deadline. but I feel setting myself a target might help me do it!
Let’s see where I am in 4 weeks time!

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