Good writing session/Agents

I had a really good writing session last night; I worked for 4 hours and edited 6 chapters! I am so pleased with how much I got done and I think I may try and do the same tonight. During the week is great and I get about 2 hours (taking out travelling and housework) most days to get some writing done but by the time I get into the flow of the story I have to stop to go and get LO from school. So doing a solid 4 hours last night really meant that I could get totally into the story and it flowed much quicker. So maybe I need to try and do a couple of late evenings as well as the mornings to get the edit done. I can’t wait to read it again once it has been cut and pasted and re written.

A week into the edit and 9 chapters down – I’m not doing too badly. Although the biggest part of my re write is yet to come so that may take a little longer.
On another issue – Agents.
To other writers/agents/publishers/anyone in the writing field, out there – do you think it is a must to have an agent before sending to the publishers or just go to them direct? What are the pro’s and con’s of agents? I am not sure whether I should be looking for one now or just submit my manuscript straight to the publishers when I have finished with it….

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