Derren Brown

Did anyone watch Derren Brown last night?

I did and I tell you it kind of freaked me out! It was about making someone change the way they are in life and stopping them becoming a passive bystander and become more active within their personal life – without them even realising it. Last nights show was about a man who was scared of flying. He was a typical passive bystander and thought he was signing up for a gameshow. The point of the exercise was to give him 30 days to reach this new found way of living. He was put through a series of ‘tests’ which he was not aware of and some were conducted when he was in a subconscious state of mind (i know, but bear with me) and at the end he was put on a plane and they conducted an experiment to see if he had changed. They ‘faked’ turbulence and then said to everyone on board that the pilot had fallen ill and they needed someone to land the plane! I will say at this point that everyone on board apart from this man, were actors so they all were aware of what was happening. The test was to see if this man would still be the passive bystander in life that he always had been, or whether he would now become the hero. Right at the last minute he stood up and put himself forward.
Because of the heightened state of anxiety he was in, Derren was then able to put him into a subconscious state of mind and they landed the plane and took this man into a flight simulator. He was aroused and he thought he was still 30,000 feet in the air and having to land this plane full of people, single handedly (with the help of the people at base, of course). And he did it! Then he walked out of what he thought was the cockpit and was faced by Derren, on this platform in front of the simulator. He was then told what he had done. It was brilliant.
But that isn’t what freaked me out.
At the end of the show, Derren was talking into the camera at the viewers (personally I was so enthralled at this time he could’ve just been talking to me!) and he was saying that everyone in life is possible of change blah blah blah and then he put the 30 day clock up at the top of the screen again and said something along the lines of
‘ the date is 8-9-10 and the time has just turned 11:12……..and now it is someone elses time to start the journey’
and the timer started clicking down – then the screen went black and the credits started. I sat there thinking ‘oh my god, is it my time? Will I be tested in 30 days?’
Stupid, I know, as millions of people would have been watching. But I was really affected by it.
Lets see what happens in 30 days – watch this space…..

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