Choclit Girls Night In

Good Afternoon!

Thursday 21st Oct @ Waterstones in Bury st Edmunds, Margaret James, Sue Moorcroft, Christine Stovell and Christina Courtney will be there for a ‘girls night in’. Talking about their books, writing and answering questions. Starts at 7pm. Wine and Choc provided – tickets £2 each, provided in store. I will be attending this event and I am really looking forward to it. Hope to see some of you there.

On another note, I started my edit today. Read the first 10 chapters so far and have begun making notes and have put big lines through 3 pages! Scary how easy it is to just discard pages that you have slaved over. But I really enjoyed reading the opening chapters as this is the first time I have read them since writing them back in March/April! And I was nervous about reading my own work and thinking it was all inconsistent nonsense and complete rubbish. But I’m so pleased so say that this has not been the case. I like it! That’s got to be a good start. More reading and editing to be done when madam goes to bed.


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