Back to school

Good morning! Well, that’s it. The school holidays are officially over and my daughter has her first day back at pre-school this morning. I was planning to start my editing this week, however, my house has taken a battering these last 6 weeks with LO being constantly here and me only having the time to do general tidying up. So, I think I will spend this first week having a major spring clean (summer clean? Autumn clean? what season are we in?!?) to get the house back to it’s pre-summer holiday state. If I finish that before the end of the week I shall begin editing, if not, then I will begin next week. I’m looking forward to reading my story back. It’s been about 2 weeks so far so it will be nice to read it again.

On a different note, keep your eyes on my blog because I have had the pleasure of interviewing Margaret James on the release of her new book The Silver Locket due to be released on Nov 1st , and I will be posting the interview in the next day.

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