Plot outline.

Well I have finished my first draft and I have decided to leave it until the summer holidays are over before I even consider to look at it again – which is exactly 2 weeks. If I can bear to leave it any longer then I will as I’m sure it would be beneficial to leave it longer but somehow I’m not sure I will be able to. With it being my first novel I am dying to start editing it. I have so many thought on it already and that’s before I have even started to read through it. But I will restrain myself until my LO is back at school, at least!
In the meantime, I have started to draft up book number two. I have written a basic plot outline this morning and have a rough idea as to what will happen and what the book is about and the journey these characters are going to make. I know a lot of writers work in the way of creating the characters first and then letting them decide where the plot goes. But I have done this one slightly different. I have the plot idea first and I will need to create the characters for this story. But I like this plot very much already, so it should work out OK.

Read my first manuscript for Choclit publishing last week and I absolutely loved it! So I hope it ends up getting published – I gave it a great recommendation. I have just received my second manuscript so I wonder if this will be as good…

In between all this, I’m also trying to read Giselle Green’s A Sisters Gift which I am enjoying so far and I have reached about halfway. I will review it once I have finished but it is taking me a little longer than normal to read it as I have so many other things on at the moment with the new book ideas and the manuscript reading. Oh, and I am finding myself getting addicted to checking all my online things all the time. Facebook, this blog, Twitter and my emails are constantly checked, everyday. So if you want to contact me for anything I will answer everything I can, eventually. I always enjoy hearing/reading advice, tips and other peoples stories!


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