New book idea

I think I have my idea for the next book!

It came to me, quite annoyingly, whilst I was driving to the zoo today. So I had no hands to write (or, actually, a pen and paper) and a million things going through my mind. At every set of traffic lights I was stopped at, I was frantically writing the ideas on my phone and saving them into my drafts! And then, whilst walking around the zoo, out came the phone to write these ideas down before I could forget them.
It was an amazing feeling. I couldn’t stop the ideas and the story just ‘grew’ in my head. I have never had this before. With my idea for the current book I’m writing, I thought of the idea and then I thought of where it would go and what would happen. This time it just kept coming without me really thinking about it. Does this all make sense? I’m really excited about the new story and will be making some in depth notes on it later so that I can come back to it when the current book is finished.
I hope all my ideas come to me like this in the future – it was so much fun!


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