Getting Published talk with LWC

I went to the London Writer’s Cafe ‘How to get published’ talk last night. It was a great evening and I learnt so much. The writers who were there were Sue Moorcroft (Romantic), Karen Mahoney (YA Paranormal) and Leigh Russell (Crime). Also there, was Laura Deacon, Fiction Editor, from Blue Door Books to give a totally different perspective on things.
The talk started with each person giving a little insight to how they got to being published and their books. It was fascinating to hear the different roads each person has had to take to getting published. After this there was a small interval to get drinks, go to the toilet etc….I used this time to go and speak to Sue Moorcroft who is one of my favourite authors, and I must say what a lovely person she is! I wish there was more time so that I could have spoken to each of the authors individually but I suppose everyone there wanted to do the same.
After the interval there was a Q&A section. A range of different questions were asked from approaching agents and publishers, to how long to wait for responses and how to get yourself known in the industry; and all the panel were brilliant at giving out all sorts of useful informations. Tips, websites and personal opinions.
This is where Twitter was mentioned several times…but I’ll come back to that.
So after all the discussions and questions the evening was over. But not before a little raffle to win some books and a chance to purchase books from the authors there. I bought Sue’s how to book ‘Love Writing: How to make money writing romantic and erotic fiction’ and she kindly signed it along with my personal copy of All That Mullarkey.
So that was it, the end of the evening. I came away from there with a wide range of notes and an even bigger aspiration to become the writer I am striving to be.

With regards to Twitter, I have now signed up! Last night, everyone there was saying how important it is to have an online presence to help build your profile as a writer and I had already done this with this blog, Facebook and a couple of other sites (including the London Writers Cafe), so I was slowly getting there. But I had tried Twitter before and got completely lost. Having heard everyone say how useful it could be I decided to try again. So you can follow me @lucie_wheeler…..

Oh, and a huge thanks to my sister, Emma, who came with me and kept me company on the train!!


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