New wake-up call!

Do you know it has been 10 days since I have done any proper writing! How bad is that? I just cannot find the time at the moment with the holidays (yes, I know I have mentioned this once or twice before!) and meeting up with family and friends, it’s becoming near on impossible!
So, I have an idea. You will notice that I’m writing this post at a little after 04.45am….this is because I am now going to try getting up BEFORE my daughter to get a couple of hours writing done. Am I mad? maybe…but then again, it is not the first time I have heard people call writers (if that is what I call myself yet?) mad. I suppose there must be some element of madness to put so much time and energy into made up stories and characters that do not exist.
So, day one of getting up at 04.30am. How do I feel, tired? Yes, but also very determined to make it work. Well at least until the end of the holidays anyway. Then I may have to re-assess whether its working.


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