Missing review

I reviewed Sue Moorcroft’s Starting over a little while back on Amazon, but it still hasn’t appeared. I thought that maybe it had to be authorised before appearing on the book’s web page but this was quite a few weeks ago and it still is not on there so i think maybe i am going to have to write it again….

Well, i’ve had a really busy week this week. I had my family over to stay which was lovely and it meant a couple of days of switching off from my book,(apart from obviously talking about it loads with my family and hiding my hard copy from my mother’s prying eyes!). But now it is time to switch back on and carry on, although i do have a friend coming to stay tomorrow so no writing them, either. This is what i mean, the summer holidays poses the problem of never having time to write but i’ve moaned about it enough i wont keep going on. I have set myself the goal of finishing the first draft by the end of the hols – start of Sept. Im not sure if its a realistic goal or not but i’m going to give it a shot. Its not a problem if i don’t but i think i work better if i have something to work against. Luckily i don’t have deadlines, yet! But setting myself little goals is my way of getting myself used to working against a set time and trying to stick to it. We will see if i manage it or not.

Just started reading Watermelon by Marian Keyes after a recommendation from a friend. I’m only 1 chapter (and a bit) in so i cant really comment on it yet, but it sounded really good when i read the back so i hope it is!


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