Finding the time to write.

I am finding it incredibly difficult to find the time to write at the moment with my daughter not being at pre-school. I’m doing lots more during the daytimes to keep her entertained and so by the time the evening comes i am shattered! And when i’m tired i cannot get ‘into the zone’. I have written bits and pieces but not had a good session since i wrote on here that i did. And i’ve also stayed at a friends house so didn’t have a chance to write then, and i have family down this week to visit; so i wont get any done then, either. Don’t get me wrong, i am really enjoying having all this time to see friends and family and have days out….its just not practical from a writing point of view! And i think the more i stress about not writing, the more i cannot relax into writing mode; if that makes sense? I need to chill out and let the ideas back in…..


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