Creating Space…

I spent the best part of today clearing out our spare room in preparation of it soon becoming my little writing sanctuary! I currently write in bed mostly; as i have to wait until my daughter goes to sleep before i can concentrate. And so setting up my spare room, (or junk room as it is more accurately described!, makes more sense. After many a trip up and down the ladder taking things into the loft, i managed to clear most of the junk and am left with my bookcase and a chest of drawers. I will be looking online now for a nice desk to go inside and maybe a couple more bookcases so i can get all my books out of boxes and display them. I cant wait until it is all set up.

Am finding it quite hard to get much writing done at the moment and it is only the first week of the summer holidays! But, i knew it would be like this. I don’t want to wish away the holidays, but come September my daughter is in pre school 5 mornings so i get a whopping 15 hours a week to myself…that’s a part time job! So, ill be muddling through the holidays, writing as and when i can and i can knuckle down in September.


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