How to get published talk, London

I booked my ticket earlier this week to attend this talk in London:

It will be my first experience of anything like this and i cannot wait! Sue Moorcroft is one of my favourite authors so i look forward to listening to her comments and i will be making sure i read up on the other authors there so i have an idea of their styles etc, when i go. They also have a fiction editor there too so that will be very informative, i think. Ill be sure to write about the evening on here afterwards.

I am off to spend the weekend with my family tomorrow so i doubt any writing will get done, (although i may take my notebook, just in case the idea’s decide to flow!) But i have this evening to get some more down on paper, or screen in my case.

There is a part of my story, towards the end, that i really want to get to as i cant wait to write it! But i don’t want to leave the story where it is at the moment and jump forward to write it as i worry that will interrupt with the flow of the story, so i am carrying on with the part i am currently on. I know that with this first draft i am doing, i could be more descriptive and go more into detail, but i am so excited to get the main bulk of the story written that i figure i can use my re drafts to filter in all the descriptive vocabulary and finer details…..surely its better to keep going on the main story, than to stop and fiddle with it now??


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