Getting ready for the evening with a glass of red….

Had a lovely day today acting like a child at the local play centre with my daughter. Sliding down the big slide, sitting in the ball pond and playing snakes and ladders, (although my daughter was nowhere to be seen for this event; it was just me and my friend reliving our younger days!) Now that the 6 weeks summer holidays have started i no longer have my usual 3 afternoons a week to write with; so i am having to make do with evenings alone. Although, saying this, i had an extremely good writing session last night. I’m not sure whether it was reading all the positive responses to my first post but i felt very inspired to write. And i managed to write 2 chapters in 3 hours which is great! Whether much of it makes the final draft i don’t know, but it felt damn good writing it!

I finished Sue Moorcroft’s book, Starting Over, today. What a great book! I read her first book, (published with choclit), called All That Mullarkey, a while back and absolutely loved it. It is a fantastic book and i have been recommending it around my friends who have all mirrored my enthusiasm for it. So after finishing ATM i bought Starting Over. I must say, out of the two, ATM is my personal favourite. It took me a little longer, (and i stress little), to get into Starting Over but once i had i couldn’t put it down. So a huge thumbs up for them both and a definite recommended read to everyone. Although i would suggest reading them in order beginning with Starting Over, as i read them the other way round. But, saying this, it is not by any means essential to read them in any order. Each book is complete within itself so you can enjoy either or both as individual reads.

So, as i sit here, i am getting ready for another session in front of my computer to take off from where i left it last night….

Child asleep…check!
House tidy, ready for the morning…check!
Large glass of red wine….check!

Lovely…..and now to be creative……


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