First Post!!

Hello everyone!

Well, here it is, my first post on my own blog – Exciting!
A little background first:
I have been writing my first novel for nearly 5 months now and i think i should be nearing the end of the first draft soon. I don’t think, until you actually write seriously, that you realise just how difficult it is. I don’t know if it is just me, or if means i’m not a natural writer but i find it hard sometimes. My idea for this book came to me shortly after i started my course with the LSJ (London School of Journalism) believe it or not. So when i signed up for the course i didn’t really know what i was going to write about. But i got the idea and then began to build on it. And i have actually changed quite a lot of my original idea as the time has gone on. One of the major plots i started with isn’t even there anymore!
So i began writing and completing my lessons and eventually i got my idea clear in my head and began to really ‘feel’ the characters. Now i think i know my main characters really well and i do find myself writing things and then thinking to myself, ‘no, she wouldn’t say that’, or, ‘so and so needs to say that instead’.
I have wanted to write a novel for some time now but i don’t think i ever really had the tools to do it. Its all well and good having an idea and writing but a novel needs a lot more than that. There are so many points to think about and consider when writing that i don’t think people realise when they simply sit down and read a book. So much time and effort will have gone into it for you, the reader, to enjoy. I admit, i was once one of those people who was blind to the work that writing takes.
Like i said, i have wanted to write for a while now but never really got anywhere. Lack of confidence in myself and my skills meant i never showed anyone my work or considered it with any sort of passion. I have written a few pieces over the years but none of them are finished! I found myself getting bored of the content and i thought, if i’m bored then the reader will be. Then, not knowing how to work on it, i gave up. Then at the beginning of the year i found myself thinking more and more about it and i wanted to really make a go of it but i knew the road i would go down as i had done so many times before. So i realised i needed a little help. That’s when i found LSJ.
Doing my course there has really helped me in realising that i do have talent and that i just need a little guiding to learn the skills needed to write a good novel. And that’s what i hope i am doing now.
I have been keeping a personal blog for a couple of months now but, reading other peoples, i thought it would be nice to do one properly for other people to read. To read my journey from first draft to, hopefully, publication! Fingers crossed for me…..

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